Global Preferred Equity Investors

Targeting to commit US$15 Billion across 100-150 public and private companies.


We believe that extraordinary results can be achieved through great planning, even greater execution, strong leadership, and deeply committed partners.  

We look for opportunities to support and help create market leaders by providing significant capital infusion for growth and commercialization, value-added acquisitions, industry roll-ups, and the acquisition and development of real assets. 

We separate ourselves by our willingness to bet on businesses in situations that often appear as high risk to more conservative investors, or which may require longer hold periods than many other investors have the tolerance or authorization to endure.  

Our core strategy prioritizes long term strategic thinking vs. short term performance, without sacrificing agility in rapidly changing environments.  Once invested, we often will allocate a dedicated team to help our portfolio companies leverage our resources and relationships to their fullest potential.

If you seek a partner who understands bold decisions are an absolute necessity in every company’s evolutionary journey, we invite you to join us.

Looking Forward

As a family office, the investments we make today will impact future generations.  We actively seek opportunities that are not only profitable, but those which can survive the test of time and benefit mankind.  With decades of investment management, banking, real estate, securities, corporate strategy, and operating experience, our leadership team has led investments into a variety of asset managers and public and private companies across a wide range of industries.  Our principles welcome the opportunity to share their deeply rooted expertise with the current and next generation of leaders as we invest in the future.

Investment Criteria

We are industry and geographically agnostic, with a few exclusions.  We make non-control preferred equity investments into businesses that have the potential to achieve 5-10x revenue growth with our capital.  Our capital commitment to any one investment can range from US$50 Million to US$5 Billion per business, with most falling between US$100-500 Million.

The companies we invest in must either be publicly listed or agree to begin the process of becoming publicly listed on a U.S. exchange within an agreed time period.  A committed management team with a track record of success is required.  For those investments that move forward, diligence and closing can often be completed in 30 days.